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27th Apr 2008

Interview in Credits

Credits 2008-1 CoverAs a member of PANL, I’m automatically subscribed to Credits, a Dutch ‘magazine for creative communication, especially print.’ The editor in chief, Fabian Takx, mailed me several months ago, having seen my work at the FOAC exhibition in Loods 6. He wrote me that he was intrigued by my work and especially the series ‘Land of Cockayne’ and asked me whether I would like to get published in his magazine. So this month, the new issue of ‘Credits – The Future’ appeared with one of my photo’s on the cover and inside a couple more pictures accompanying an interview. Since the magazine is not for sale in any shop, I picked some up at HQ and made a copy of the interview into a PDF-file, for you to download here (3.2 MB)

Utopitect heet het boek annex project waarmee Merel Zwart (39) in december afstudeerde aan de Fotoacademie Amsterdam. Met nostalgisch gekleurde beelden en toepasselijke citaten neemt ze de kijker mee in een Time Machine zoals een van haar favoriete schrijvers H. G. Wells voor ogen stond.”

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